A thematic webinar of the AIST took place on 1 December 2021 on the theme “Reliability of Accounting”, with two sub-themes: “Temporary Accounts” and “Internal audit procedures”.

The event was introduced by the General Secretary, Catherine LEMESLE, followed by the President of AIST, Mrs. Tetiana SLIUZ, who thanked the participants for attending.

Many AIST member countries are engaged in accounting reforms aiming to implement general accounting on an accrual basis. These reforms have placed great importance on making government accounting more reliable, which requires mastery of certain instruments and functions, in particular the internal control system and internal audit, in the context of a strengthened partnership between the authorising officer and the accountant. The experience of AIST members is therefore an additional source of knowledge in this context.

During this webinar, the Senegalese expert Amadou Birahim GUYUE, made a presentation on the subject of suspense accounts, and shared Senegal’s experience in this area. French expert Pierre FAROUILH also gave a presentation on the specificities of internal audit procedures.

Cooperation between AIST member countries continued throughout the year 2021 despite the challenging global health situation. With the participation of about sixty experts from Europe, Asia and Africa in this webinar, the Association demonstrates that the exchange of practical experiences remains a priority for its members, despite the current challenges.

The President, Tetiana SLIUZ, concluded the webinar by suggesting to carry on with such constructive exchanges and by announcing the organisation of a meeting of the Bureau of the association at the beginning of the year 2022 in order to discuss the cooperation and development matters within the AIST.

Ms SLIUZ also reminded that the next symposium and General Assembly of the AIST will be held in Kiev from 4 to 6 July.

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