Aist family

International Association of Treasury Services (AIST) has been funded in 2006 in Antananarivo, from its members willingness to face together the challenges of modernisation of public finances of public finances.

As a space of exchanges and discussions, AIST’s ambition is to contribute to a mutual reflection about changes to undertake, and develop forms of international multilateral cooperation built on common interest and mutual enrichment.

As a non-governmental and non-profit organisation, AIST has a real international vocation that can be found in the geographic diversity of its members, that today represent countries from francophone and anglophone Africa, Caribbean, Pacific, Europe, CIS and Asia.

Member countries

In order to learn more about AIST member countries, we encourage you to read our country sheets about each of sovereign States that are actively contributing to our tasks and actions in a spirit of sharing and mutualisation of good practices.

Association Internationale des Services du Trésor
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