A thematic webinar of the AIST was held on 18 March 2021 on the theme “Information Technology in Public Accounting Administrations”.

During this webinar, representatives from France, the Democratic Republic of Congo and Ukraine presented their studies.

Ms Adèle LIEBER, representing France, presented the “deployment of dematerialisation and the relationship between authorising officers and accountants in the local public sector”. Dematerialisation, a long-standing project of the DGFiP (since 2005), is based on a dematerialised exchange between the system of local authorities and public establishments and that of the DGFiP’s accountants. The accompanying measures implemented, the strategic objectives allowing the simplification of circuits and the central role of the Secure Digital Space for Users in the dematerialisation of revenue were also highlighted.

An expert from the Democratic Republic of Congo presented the Chain of Expenditure as an IT environment around which the various actors in public expenditure interact in an orderly and interdependent manner. Mr Jean Gaston MANYA ONAKUDU described it as an efficient tool for the execution of the DRC’s expenditure budget, the services of which benefit the entire Congolese society. The DRC’s Chain of Expenditure is therefore a central area for judging and gauging governance.

The representative of Ukraine, Ms. Tetiana SLIUZ, presented “The evolution of information technology used by the Treasury services”, highlighting the disadvantages of obsolete platforms and technologies and the evolution of technological processes in recent years. The advantages of using remote services in the Ukrainian treasury services are numerous, as the number of contracts signed remotely, which has doubled in three years (since 2018), makes clear. In her presentation, Ms SLIUZ also highlighted the considerable benefits of using a reporting system and an electronic document management system.

This webinar therefore enabled the pooling of experience from each AIST member in order to improve public accounting administrations through information technology.

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